All I want for Christmas – 2B2

Some material to learn about Christmas while practising your English! – Worst Christmas Presents (video with questions – difficult) – – Christmas Shopping (video with questions – easy – subtitled) – – The Christmas Tag (video with questions – difficult)… Continue Reading


Monologues: MONOLOGUE_PRACTICE Monologue – alternative medicine – Example: Monologue – alternative medicine – Example: Monologue – travelling –  

2B2 – Listening

Watch TV in English!! – And if you want, you can watch videos with subtitles: BBC Radio 4 (podcasts) – NBC Today Show – And remember Ororo.TV – Listening tests for B2 –   Very interesting – Language exchange –

2B2 – Reading

Some interesting links to study this summer!! Reading and Listening comprehension: The News in English: El País in English The Guardian Learning Blogs – The New York Times Reading: Short Stories Short Stories + questions Reading Comprehension: